Ad Lux Tenebrae — The Call of the wild


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Shamanic Dark Ambient.
Ad lux tenebrae (also known as К Свету Тьмы / K Svetu T’my) first full-length album. Ad lux tenebrae – well-known masters of deep ritualistic Dark ambient from north of Riphean Mountains. Great powerful sounds from Primeval Ural Woods. To create music they use original musical instruments – bubens, handmade drums, blowing horns, flutes and others instruments made by musicians theyself and have no name. Disk contains two live recorded Rituals, each of them was played in this form only once and never will be repeated. First Ritual is fast, intense, rhythmical and disquiet. Second is appeased tranquil quiet. “The Call of the wild” – this is about one hour of archaic and ritualistic music in total.

1. The initial part of First Ritual 03:42
2. The final part of First Ritual 18:25
3. The initial part of Second Ritual 14:53
4. The final part of Second Ritual 19:43

Comes is 6-panel digisleeve.
Limited to 963 copies.
:Vegvísir music:

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