Bolverkstorm — 9 steps to death


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Martial Industrial.
Bolverkstorm it is the name of new russian industrial project. “9 steps to death” is dedicaded to World War II and all those who perished thereat. Album consists of 8 tracks, each of them is about tragedy of soldiers death and act of bravery as well. Music of Bolverkstorm is made of hum of battles, archival records, blustering soundscapes, noises, groans, wardrums and trumpets.
For fans of Turbund Sturmwerk, Toroidh and Karjalan Sissit.

1 Der Wille Zum Sieg
2 Human – Element
3 Tod
4 Crows
5 Glowing Winter
6 Devastation
7 Po Kostyam Bessmertnych
8 9 Steps To Death

Limited edition of 200 copies in textured cover with 12-page booklet.
:Vegvísir music:

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