Dvar — Piirrah [LP]


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Darkwave | Gothic | Post-industrial.
Occult, ecstatic and possessed record. Really dark, scaring and obscure sound. Sick and hysterical, extramundane and howling cantation in unknown language by medium singer.
First and cult album of anonimous russian project from early 2000-s. Milestone of russian dark scene first time on vinyl. 211 copies on black vinyl, special analog mastering especially for this release and minimalistic artwork made closely to fist edition from 2002 year.

A1 Al Hilaji
A2 Iina Tamiira
A3 Taai Liira
A4 Vo Rah Arrah Iill
A5 Hissen Raii
A6 Iih Rah
B1 Abisser
B2 Itiir
B3 Vaii Han
B4 Schraii
B5 Ariil Iaat

Limited to 211 copies.
Comes in 350gsm jacket with 3 mm spine.
:Vegvísir music:

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