Troum | Closing the Eternity with Ad Lux Tenebrae — Dilo / Secg (Scent Of Mires) [LP]


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Dark Ambient.
Pure dark shamanic ambient vinyl-only split of two reputable masters – TROUM and duo of CLOSING THE ETERNITY and AD LUX TENEBRAE. Music inspired by ambient and atmosphere of swamps and marshes. Long static, hollow and oppressive track of TROUM at the A-side. Slow immersion to cold, roily waters. B-side is for catchy, disquiet, full of flutes and bells aural journey of CLOSING THE ETERNITY with AD LUX TENEBRAE through the soaked withered ferns and mossy woods of Ural.

A Troum – Dilo 11:57
B Closing The Eternity, Ad Lux Tenebrae – Осенние Огни, Холодный Тлен 13:00

limited to 121 copies on black vinyl, 45 rpm.
350gsm jacket with 3 mm spine.
:Vegvísir music:

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